At International House, 166 rooms are open to UNSW senior undergraduate and postgraduate students for residence year around. All of those rooms are single occupancy rooms that are furnished with a single bed, a study desk with lamp, a desk chair, book shelves, a built-in wardrobe and an easy chair.

IH is an old facility with the original brick wall in residents’ room, which may not be suitable for everyone’s need.Each regular room is approximately 2.8m by 4.0m (some rooms deviate in dimensions by a small margin). All regular rooms have access to male and female bathrooms located on each floor.

All rooms are equipped with a telephone (incoming call), a heater, power outlets, a TV antenna outlet and an Ethernet LAN outlet for Internet access. Bedlinen i.e. bed sheets, pillow case and towel laundered each week. Residents are also supplied with blanket, pillow, bedspread, mattress and pillow protectors and garbage bin.