Top, from Left: Keerthana Chandrasekar, Janice Tang, Jaclyn Lam, Maxime Colin, Othman Al-Bahri, Ahmed Al-Risi, Sandra Ng, Camille Mekwinski, Abdullah Al-Aamri, Navin Gunatillaka, Oaj Srivastava
Bottom, from Left: Pearlyn Tan, Ned Lee, Nicholas Ho, Rahul Mohan, Sonali Weerasinghe, Michelle Cheung, Wai Li

The Residents’ Society (RESOC) of IH is represented by all residents of IH. The executive committee of RESOC itself is a group of current residents of the college who volunteer for a position in the committee.

RESOC is what makes life in IH interesting for its residents – There are sub-committees for the organisation of events involving many/all residents on a regular basis such as Social, Sports and House Activities. We also have a new Environment portfolio which focuses on the conservation of energy as well as proliferation of sustainable practices within the college. All portfolios are supported by the A/V, Marketing, Treasurer and Secretary positions, as well as managed by the President and Vice-President of RESOC.