IH Internet

In order to set up Internet access at IH, you will first need to connect your device to the ‘International House’ wi-fi network (please approach office for password) or physically plug it in via ethernet cable, into the ethernet port found in your room.

When you have connected, your browser should pop up with the IH Internet Login page. Click on ‘New Resident Sign up’ to register an account for yourself. Once you have completed this step, you will need to buy an Internet credit voucher from the office or the Senior on duty and redeem it using the management console.

Use the following buttons to manage your use of the IH Internet Service. The management console can be accessed anywhere, anytime, while the Login and Logout controls can only be used if you are currently connected to the IH network.

Residents receive 12.5GB of data (on top of what they already have) on monthly basis, free of charge. If you have run out of data, top-up vouchers can be purchased from the office or Seniors as follows:
$10 for 5GB;
$20 for 10GB;
$50 for 30GB


Useful resource:

Login and logout

(only available inside IH network)

Inquiry and recharge

(only available inside IH network)

Contact IT support

IH Internet manual

IH Wiki: Introduction to Internet, phone, print service

Download (PDF, 1.19MB)