Emeritus Professor Albert Willis

Al Willis was Pro-Vice-Chancellor in 1967 when he was asked by the Vice-Chancellor, Sir Philip Baxter, if he would become the first Warden of International House in a part-time honorary capacity. This was not what had been planned; it was what had developed. Al took up the challenge and was Warden from November 1967 until 18 January 1972, living in the House five nights a week. This period involved the completion of the building, its furnishing and the enrolment of the first residents. The House opened on 28 May 1968. Al was responsible for setting the tone of the House and running it as a mature college with a minimum of rules and with equal number of male and female residents from Australia and overseas. If there was one rule it was consideration for the other person. This applied to noise, general behaviour and attitude to persons of different social backgrounds and cultures.