Emeritus Professor John Ratcliffe, OAM

Jack, an employee of the Sydney Technical College since 1946, transferred to the new Institute of Technology and worked within its various transitions to the UNSW of today. Jack served as Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Newcastle, a College of the University of UNSW until 1965, when he was appointed to the Chair of Chemical Engineering at Kensington. Jack became Warden on 18 January 1972 and served until 31 December 1993, in an honorary capacity for nineteen of the twenty-two years he was Warden.

The financial situation of the House improved significantly during Professor Ratcliffe’s time as Warden, due in part to his honorary service but also from shrewd management and investment policies. On retirement, the improved financial situation led Jack to recommend to the Board the present policy of having a full time Master who resides in the House. This has proved to be a wise and timely suggestion and International House recognises the extended and valuable service given by Jack Ratcliffe.